Below are links to the forms that can be printed out.

CMS 855i

CMS 588


CMS 460

and all supporting documents need to be mailed in that are required.
Once you get the 3 above forms I suggest that you read them carefully.

This westite is sponsered by
Queens Podiatrist House Calls
available certain areas:
Dr. Chaskin Podiatrist
63-48 Forest Avenue
Ridgewood, N.Y. 11385
(718) 417-4895
Please understand that there are podiatrists out there that do house
calls if a patient has difficulty traveling.
What is better,
Choice A- electronically filling out an application that needs to be matched with a signed certification statement and you have to be concerned you sign the correct certification statement, or
Choice B- printing out the entire application and all supporting documents and mailing it and having everything sent in together? Why not ask Medicare
if 1000 applications went in with the procedure of choice A and 1000 applications went in with the procedure of choice B how many of those applications were
approved without any errors out of those 1000 when you compare choice A vs choice B.

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