Pecos registration by referring physicians will probably prevent economic denial of medicare
claims for any service requiring a referral. Suppose you are a radiologist and wish
to earn a living. Or perhaps you are a hospital administrator and wish to not show a
loss of cash flow for the hospital. If a physician is not registered in Pecos or does not
have Pecos registration, then any referrals by that physician for medicare beneficiaries
will probably not be paid for by medicare sometime begining approx. Jan 3 2011.

Please do not make the same mistake I made. I registered for a medicare PTAN number in New Jersey and had no problem whatsoever getting into the PECOS system for New Jersey. My secret is that I avoided the online computer system and submitted a printed form. If you call medicare enrollment and ask them how many problems providers were having with electronic enrollment in PECOS vs sending in a printed form why not ask this direct question: How many online electronic PECOS applications were clean applications? That is how many applications went through electronically online without the need for Medicare to request additional information
because material or data was left out? Please understand that when I filled out the electronic version of the application and printed this out the certification page on this printed out form was the wrong certification page. I needed to print out a different certification page. Now if I printed out the PECOS application and mailed it in, that certification page on the printed out application that gets mailed in I believe was the correct certification page. This is probably why I had no problem when I avoided registring in New Jersey by avoiding the electronic application entirely. If you
ask Medicare if you can mail in a printed application to obtain PECOS registration and they say yes why not just mail it.
DISCLAIMER: Do not rely on any of the information on this website. This website only contains the personal opinions of me the website developer. Please only rely upon the valid information given by Medicare.
Please consider the advantages of mailing the PECOS registration application.
disclaimer: Do not rely on any of the above information but instead call medicare directly and ask them if it is possible to mail in a printed application and how to go about doing so. Also check with Medicare as to the accuracy of any of the information posted on this website.

If I was a hospital administrator I would be very concerned about Pecos and would probably tell members of the Medical Staff to look at this website and to also more importantly call Medicare and ask for advice on how to best enroll in PECOS
What makes more sense? To send in an electronic PECOS application online and then to seperately mail in
a signed certification statement and
hope this is the corret certification statement and not the wrong outdated certification statement. If you choose to do this online and print out what you submitted online, I personally would not sign the statement on what was printed out but call medicare and ask for explicit instructions on how to obtain the correct certification statement that needs to be mailed in. Then I would hope that the certification statement would be matched with the online appliction. If you are a physician in New York isn't it a whole lot easier and better for you to insist on not sending in a PECOS application online but to mail in the entire application as a whole and calling medicare at 866 837-0241 and insisting on having that entire application faxed to you so you can fill it out and mail it back to Medicare? You also can call NGS
medicare and ask for instructions
how to get the 3 forms needed.
Call the telephone number and be
sure to ask how to print out the following 3 forms if you are an individual physician:

CMS 855i

CMS 588


CMS 460

and all supporting documents need to be mailed in that are required.
Once you get the 3 above forms I suggest that you read them carefully.
I believe I made a mistake by applying to PECOS online instead of mailing in the entire application with all supporting documents.

After applying for PECOS please consider visiting the website

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What is better,
Choice A- electronically filling out an application that needs to be matched with a signed certification statement and you have to be concerned you sign the correct certification statement, or
Choice B- printing out the entire application and all supporting documents and mailing it and having everything sent in together? Why not ask Medicare
if 1000 applications went in with the procedure of choice A and 1000 applications went in with the procedure of choice B how many of those applications were
approved without any errors out of those 1000 when you compare choice A vs choice B.

List of everyone enrolled in PECOS

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